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NEW Transportation Policy - Transportation can now be arranged for students in joint custody circumstances. Click here for more details!    

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Welcome to Pinecrest Public School!

It is an exciting start to a new year and our students have settled into their classes. A huge welcome to all our new students who have joined us from other schools and other countries. Pinecrest students come to school ready to learn and practice their character traits every day. This month we are working on respect. Pinecrest students respect each other, respect their teachers, their school environment and themselves. In the classroom and on the yard, students are expected to keep their hands and feet to themselves and respect the personal space of others. We work daily to be the “Best We Can Be” and respect the different learning styles and personalities that are represented in each and every classroom.

Learning is a team event that involves the student, the school and the home. Teachers communicate with parents via phone calls, letters home and agendas. Should you have questions regarding your child’s learning, please contact the teacher. If the teacher is teaching, please leave a message with the office and the teacher will return your call.

This time of year many forms are sent home requiring parent signatures. Please ensure you check the backpacks each night and send back the forms as soon as possible. There are some activities that require parental consent and if the child has not brought back the form they will have to engage in alternate activities.

We look forward to an outstanding year filled with great learning!

Wanda Mills-Boone


Our Shared Vision/Purpose:

Pinecrest Public School is a diverse and inclusive place for students to bridge the relationship between success in school and individual success in life. Our purpose is to understand our students in order to focus on academic excellence and their social/emotional growth.