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Kindergarten Registration is the week of January 26 to 30. Please bring your child's proof of birth, immunization, and health card when you come to register. Click here to find your home school.
It is that time of year when our grade eight students are beginning to think of high school
Woodroffe High School is our feeder school and our students were very excited to go for a visit on Dec 16th. For various reasons, students and parents often have questions around school transfers. Many of these can be answered on our Board's Student Transfer webpage.

 We offer before and after school care.

Need to register your child in the summer? Click here.

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Welcome to Pinecrest Public School!

Our Shared Vision/Purpose:
Pinecrest Public School is a diverse and inclusive place for students to bridge the relationship between success in school and individual success in life. Our purpose is to understand our students in order to focus on academic excellence and their social/emotional growth.